Des Lattey comes from a family which includes a number of prominent artists and craftspeople spanning several generations. His father, E.B.Lattey was a renowned landscape artist.

He began work as a commercial artist for the screen-printing industry which included designing fabrics and wallpaper, then furniture, followed by over 25 years as an interior designer during which time he continued painting and establishing his work.

He has painted many subjects including people, animals, aircraft and motorsport, landscapes of the Taupo area and portrayals of the early 20th century.

His interest in automotive design dates back to 1959 when he gained 3rd place in the under 21 years section of a British Commonwealth car design competition. Des was actively involved in motorsport in the days of the Levin Motor Racing circuit (1950's and 1960's), being a member of the committee of the Levin Motor Racing Club and competing in club events. This was followed by power-boats and an on going interest in aeroplanes and classic cars. He is a past associate member of the UK based Guild of Motoring Artists.

He paints in oils and acrylics. Most of his work is realism, but he does enjoy loosening up with paintings such as the 9 large impressionist paintings he was commissioned to do for McDonalds restaurant in Palmerston North's Square in 2002.

Other commissions include animals, aircraft and cars.
He has received a number of first and merit prizes.

 Paraparaumu Rotary Club Annual  Exhibition

 Oct 2004    Transport category     !st prize

 Oct 2005    Transport     Runner up

   "    "         Fauna         1st prize

 Oct 2006    Fauna         1st prize

 Oct 2007    Fauna         Merit prize

 Oct 2008       ---            Guest Artist

 Oct 2009    Portrait        1st prize

 Oct 2010    Portrait        1st prize

 Oct 2013    Fauna          Merit prize

 Oct 2015    Townscape   1st prize

 Oct 2017    Portrait         Merit prize


 He lives at Waitetoko, Lake Taupo,

New Zealand.